Founder & Owner of Promoting Good LLC

“I believe that all work spaces should represent the beautiful diversity of the  community. I believe it is our choice, individual and personal, that either fosters diversity and inclusion, or that perpetuates exclusion. My work is about helping  people to commit to action to build spaces in which everyone belongs and also to support people and communities who have been excluded so that they can thrive in those spaces. No one should feel like a space they want to be in does not provide belonging ” 

Valerie is a visionary equity leader and advocate for diversity, equity, and racial and ethnic justice. She is the founder and CEO of Promoting Good, LLC, a firm created in 2017 which has expanded exponentially to include a powerful team of consultants. Valerie and her skilled team create transformational change through their proven frameworks: IGNITE and Equity Pause™. These frameworks, both created by Valerie, move people and organizations from good intentions to action for equity. Valerie is a sought-after DEI thought leader, Equity Leadership Coach to board and executive leaders across sectors. Prior to launching her firm, Valerie practiced law and created innovative social justice programs to tackle race and health equity. Valerie is a Mexican immigrant, she lives in central Massachusetts with her husband, two children, and most recently her mom. She is a fluent English, Spanish and French speaker who loves to travel the world, cook, and learn.