CEO & Founder of Serrano & Associates

The most important advice I’ve received is “take the driver's seat of your career.” As Latinas, we often assume that if we do a great job, the promotion will come. However, we need to think about the next step we want to achieve and not be afraid to move on to the next thing if we are not receiving what we deserve.”

Nilza Serrano is a powerhouse businesswoman and community organizer whose career has centered on bridging the gap between private enterprise, government relationships, and public service. A champion of diversity, equity, and inclusion, Nilza seeks to lift the Latino community in everything she does. As Founder and CEO of Serrano & Associates, Nilza works with high-profile clients in the private and public sector to provide the insight and tools necessary to succeed in a constantly changing, competitive, and worldwide marketplace. Additionally, she has served on a number of boards spanning investment, education, healthcare, housing, politics, and arts and entertainment industries. Nilza currently serves on executive boards for the Los Angeles City Employees Retirement System (LACERS), the Association of Latino Professionals for Advancement, Trustees United, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), the California State University Los Angeles Foundation, and the California Architects Board.