Founder & CEO of Cristina Costa Coaching

“You don't need  to wait for someone to invite you, you can just start doing it yourself. Eventually you'll gain momentum, people will start being attracted to your energy and passion. I'm a huge believer in karma. The energy you put out gets returned. You just have to start.” 

Cristina is an engaging educator who believes in the power of empowering others with the personal and professional skills to reach their fullest potential. She is the Founder of Cristina Costa Coaching, where she offers career and empowerment coaching to job seekers of color and especially women. Cristina specializes in helping job seekers and young BIPOC professionals transition into different industries and career paths -- she is particularly focused on the technology sector. She is also Head of the Career Program for a nonprofit organization called Parachute Bridge, which serves first-generation college students and BIPOC job seekers to navigate the job search. Previously, Cristina was Head of Learning and Development at Outco -- a San Francisco based startup that provides career training and technical skill sharpening services for job-seeking software engineers.

From 2015 through 2020, Cristina served as Chief Marketing Officer of Women with Purpose, an organization that empowers, educates, and advances women of color through professional development seminars, empowerment workshops, and networking events. Cristina has over 8 years of professional experience working in the technology sector in a variety of roles from client consulting, digital marketing, customer success, serving as director of student engagement, project manager as well as leading diversity and inclusion initiatives at several startups. 

Cristina is a Latina born and raised in Boston and is an outspoken advocate who works towards equity and inclusion for all people of color -- particularly in the technology sector and is committed to battling the digital divide.